Registration Fee*

50 € for international academics, graduate students, and accompanying partners (750 ₺ for only the attendances from Turkiye, Countries of the Turkish World, and North Cyprus).

*Includes conference proceedings, accessories, and access to full conference activities (3 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 gala dinner, 1 Cappadocia tour,  1 city tour, 1 traditional event, 1 paragliding, 1 scientific event and all coffee breaks), excluding accommodation

Registration cancellations and refunds are not possible after a specific date (August 30) because Conference expenditures have already been paid. On some dates (August 16-29), only 50% of the fee is refundable. 

The registration steps are as follows:

1. Receive registration confirmation from the secretariat via e-mail.
2. Make your payment.
3. Complete your final conference registration form via

4. The secretariat will contact you to confirm that "your payment was received and your registration was successful".


Final registration for the conference will be made between August 16 and 25, 2024. Between these dates, the registration button will be active.