You may attend the Conference with either an abstract or a full text.  An author may present no more than two papers at the Conference.

The abstract paper, including references, should be at least 300 and at most 500 words. The abstract should be one page only. The abstract text should be written only in English. The number of references should not exceed five.

The full-text paper, including references, should be at least 4000 and at most 8000 words. There is no page limit for full-text papers. Full text can be typed in English or Turkish.

Presentations may also be made in English or Turkish. Please create your presentations by transferring them to the ready-made PowerPoint template provided below. 

Please utilize only the writing and presentation templates. Simply click once on the template you wish to download. When you download the Word and PPT templates to your computer, you can view the font size, spelling characters, and other text formatting restrictions. To reveal these rules, simply click on the appropriate part of the text. You will already see word picture information. For example, when you click on the main headline, you will notice that the font size is 14 and the font type is Times New Roman. Use templates to make writing easier. When transferring from another Word template to the Congress template, make sure not to disrupt the Congress template's technical characteristics. For theoretical studies, you can include any titles you like following the Introduction section. The general reference format is Apa 6. When submitting the paper, please include all information. The essential blind referee system will be managed by the editor.

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